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History of Power. History of NFT. Now and Forever.

The first unique hand drawn NFT portrait collection of 50 of the most powerful and well-known presidents from all parts of the world (USA, China, USSR, Italy, France and many more). From the rough times of the Cold War, to a rare, unique, and fun NFT collection.

GameFi and NFT collection masterpieces built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Partnered with Crypterium

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Once you connect your Metamask wallet, you will be able to mint your exclusive President NFTs here!

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Articles written about us on the press

One project that incorporates both NFT’s, GameFi, and the preferable Binance Smart Chain is «The Presidents» exclusive collection that can be minted on the presidents-nft. com website.

«The Presidents» is the first and only NFT collection in the world that consists of 50 presidents from different countries and established cryptocurrency organizations.

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In other words, users can now play online games using their NFT’s and be financially rewarded just for playing. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Now we have such a game that brings together all of these features.

«The Presidents», an exclusive NFT collection that can be minted on the presidents-nft. com website, unites GameFi innovation and a unique NFT art collection.

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Just imagine how interesting, fun, and profitable it could be to buy not only one president, but many of them and make a crazy dream come true. Dreams can become a reality on presidents-NFT. com.

Received tokens can be used in the platform’s governance system to make decisions on further project developments such as new partnerships, features, upgrades, etc.

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There’s still some intrigue left, however, for those NFT enthusiasts who love a good mystery. The identities of the two secret political figures will be announced as soon as all 20,000 Presidents are minted.

Stay tuned and follow the project on their social media platforms. More minted Presidents give users a better chance of winning governance tokens and, therefore, influence over future decisions on new partnerships, features, upgrades, etc.

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The collection is rendered in a unique style that synthesizes classical and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Colorful avatars include presidents of various countries renowned for their geopolitical impact, as well as crypto pioneers, such as the leaders of Binance, Ethereum, and TRON. Each NFT features its own distinctive design.

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These features could make «The Presidents» an appealing prospect for users who want to be part of something bigger, without losing the lower-stakes community and camaraderie of RPG gameplay.

This collection has the potential to make a name for itself in the history of digital art as the first NFT project where global leaders allowed the people to take ownership.

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War of Morale GameFi

Once the game is released, users can participate in a competition, where the winner will receive a handsome cash prize of $250,000!

To participate in the game, users will need to create a team of “allies” consisting of at least 3 President NFTs.

Read the rules on:
in the first game!

Rare means Rare

Each of the Presidents NFT portraits are not only hand drawn, unique pieces of art. Each NFT has traits (sunglasses, laser eyes, suits), some of which are rare, some are super rare, and some are one of a kind. These traits will then be used in the GameFi “War of Morale” game and help owners to increase their Presidents in-game skills.
Rarity overview
A masterpiece, hand drawn by the collections designer team.
Types of Presidents
  • #45ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld
  • Rarity Rank410
  • #84ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld
  • Rarity Rank1 702
  • #123ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld
  • Rarity Rank1 576
  • #134ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld
  • Rarity Rank1 556
  • #1 107ID
  • Type of PresidentSoviet
  • Rarity Rank1 560
  • #437ID
  • Type of PresidentSoviet
  • Rarity Rank987
  • #1 576ID
  • Type of PresidentSoviet
  • Rarity Rank2 587
  • #837ID
  • Type of PresidentSoviet
  • Rarity Rank1 617
  • #199ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA
  • Rarity Rank12 307
  • #153ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA
  • Rarity Rank2 078
  • #146ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA
  • Rarity Rank906
  • #320ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA
  • Rarity Rank68
  • #137ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld Legends
  • Rarity Rank2 649
  • #243ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld Legends
  • Rarity Rank2 021
  • #532ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld Legends
  • Rarity Rank1 886
  • #344ID
  • Type of PresidentWorld Legends
  • Rarity Rank340
  • #232ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA Legends
  • Rarity Rank120
  • #17ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA Legends
  • Rarity Rank320
  • #19 993ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA Legends
  • Rarity Rank16
  • #879ID
  • Type of PresidentUSA Legends
  • Rarity Rank325
  • #17 806ID
  • Type of PresidentCrypto
  • Rarity Rank47
  • #10 435ID
  • Type of PresidentCrypto
  • Rarity Rank33
  • #1 170ID
  • Type of PresidentCrypto
  • Rarity Rank18
  • #355ID
  • Type of PresidentCrypto
  • Rarity Rank27
  • #19 974ID
  • Type of PresidentSecret
  • Rarity Rank3
  • #19 984ID
  • Type of PresidentSecret
  • Rarity Rank11
  • #19 971ID
  • Type of PresidentSecret
  • Rarity Rank5
  • #19 986ID
  • Type of PresidentSecret
  • Rarity Rank8
  • #19 978ID
  • Type of PresidentSatoshi
  • Rarity Rank1
  • #1 346Crypto
  • Rarity Rank20
  • #1 251USA
  • Rarity Rank322
  • #1 344World
  • Rarity Rank446
  • #1 561World
  • Rarity Rank2 082
  • #1 952USA
  • Rarity Rank626
  • #197World
  • Rarity Rank584
  • #297USA
  • Rarity Rank4 036
  • #428World
  • Rarity Rank1 557
  • #537World Legends
  • Rarity Rank537
  • #522World Legends
  • Rarity Rank661
  • #627World
  • Rarity Rank2 103
  • #1 034World
  • Rarity Rank2 754

Marketing Initiative

Our plan for development and the growth of our community is as follows:
To be done
Voice party on Discord / Conduction of our 1-st AMA
Launch of the cross-chain to allow the selling of President NFTs on other marketplaces, such as OpenSea.
Launching of YouTube videos and the attraction of market experts
Publishing articles on established media channels

Launch the “Pool” for our members – Users that participated in the Small or Big pool by minting 50 or more Presidents will be distributed 600 BNB worth of cash back.

Decentralized reward system for user invitations – share your referral link and take 10% commission from every mint made with your link

Launch Roadmap

As we value our community and its creativity, our roadmap will be updated according to your feedback and ideas
Stage 01
The launch of our marketplace on popular BSC marketplaces, including NFTrade, TofuNFT, and more! Additionally, an airdrop of 500 Presidents! Users that mint 2 Presidents, get 1 President for free!
Stage 02
Airdrop of 500 exclusive new Presidents to users who have gathered “allies”, meaning a minimum of 5 Presidents from any President type (World, USA Legends, Soviet…)
Stage 03
The launch of the cross-chain, which is a smart-contract enabling the exchange of President NFTs to the ERC721 token for the selling on other marketplaces such as OpenSea.
Stage 05
The launch of the GameFi “War of Morale” game, which will allow users to exploit the potential and uniqueness of each President NFT. Each President’s trait will have a different impact in the game and allow to obtain more tokens for winning, playing, and participating.
Stage 04
The launch of the platform’s unique governance and GameFi token and the option to stake President NFTs and receive the governance token in return. 10% of the funds will go into the expanding and growing of our NFT collection and impact in the NFT ecosystem.
The Presidents team has chosen 100 Presidents that will receive an offer of 10x the mint price. Check here to see if you got lucky.

Get your referral link and earn


Pools allow users to receive cash back on their minted Presidents in the form of BNB! Users will be able to claim their rewards once all of the 20 000 Presidents are minted!
Small Pool
or more Presidents
get cash back of up to
of the minting fund
Big Pool
or more Presidents
get cash back of up to
of the minting fund

Our team

The Presidents club was created by…
Alena's role in "The Presidents" was being the artist behind the collection. She has a unique style, which is recognizable by many due to her contrasting coloring schemes and use of lines, bringing the pictures to life. Alena has more than a thousand pieces in her portfolio for clients from all over the world, including famous celebrities like Lil Jon, BIA, 187 Straßenbande, Luciano, Raf Camora and Manny Montan. Every art piece of hers is unique and distinctive from the rest. Several hundreds of hours were spent on the drawing of this unique collections.
Collection Designer
Alena Fares

The President’s marketing agent is well-known and experienced in the cryptocurrency marketing space with more than 7 years of experience and more than 120 successful projects under their name.

Use power to help people.

Creative Marketing
Our first crypto developer specializes in smart contracts and has created them according to the requirements of the blockchain and its features, such as the Pools, reward system, minting process and more. 5 years of experience in the field of smart-contracts.
BlockChain Developer

Our second developer specializes in the design and creation of attractive websites and the connection of the back-end features to the front-end of the platform. More than 15 years of experience in the field.

They don t make bugs like Bunny anymore.

Front-end Developer

Frequently asked questions

How to mint a President NFT

Want to participate in the minting process? Just follow these steps!

1. Go onto the page.
2. Connect your Metamask wallet by clicking on the button at the top right corner. Make sure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain.
3. Once your wallet is connected, specify the amount you would like to mint in the white box and click on “Mint”.
4. You will be redirected to confirm and sign your transaction with Metamask.
5. Once signed, you will be redirected back onto the Presidents platform.
6. Your President NFT will appear in the “My President's” page. Congratulations!

How to Install the Metamask Wallet

To participate in the Presidents platform, users will need to use the Metamask wallet. Here’s how to install and connect it!

1. First, go on the Metamask Chrome Extension page.
2. In the upper right corner, click on “Add to Chrome”.
3. A message will appear, where you will need to click on “Add Extension” to complete the installation.
4. Once it is installed, you will be able to see the Metamask fox logo at the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser.
5. Click on the Metamask fox logo at the top right corner of your Google chrome browser.
6. Read and agree to Metamask’s terms and conditions. You may need to agree to 2 to 3 pages worth of Metamask terms and conditions.
7. Type in your password and click “Create” to create your Metamask wallet.
8. You will be shown 12 “seed words” for your vault. Click “Save Seed Words as File” and copy the “MetaMask Seed Words” file that is downloaded to a known and safe place on your computer. It is that you save it! You will not be able to access your vault without it!
9. Click “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe” once your seed words file has been saved. You’ll be redirected into your Metamask wallet!
10. You have now created your account on the main network.
11. You are now in the Ethereum mainnet network in Metamask. To begin using the Presidents platform and participate in the mint and marketplace, install the Binance Smart Chain mainnet network on Metamask. Instructions can be found below.

How to connect your MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain

To participate in the Presidents platform, users will need to use the Binance Smart Chain in the Metamask wallet. Here’s how to connect it!

1. Click on your previously installed Metamask Google Chrome extension at the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser and click on the profile picture at the top right corner of the Metamask app, and proceed by clicking on “Settings”.
2. In the settings, scroll down and click on “Networks”.
3. Once redirected, click on “Add Network”.
4. Once redirected, fill out the form with the following information: Network Name: Smart Chain / New RPC URL: / ChainID: 56 / Symbol: BNB / Block Explorer URL: / Once this is filled out, click “Save”
5. You have now connected the Binance Smart Chain with your Metamask. To participate in the Presidents, you will need to send the Binance Coin (BNB) to this Metamask account. Below you can find instructions to do this.

How to send Binance Coin to Metamask

Click on “See More”, to find a detailed description of how to send Binance Coin (BNB) to your Metamask Binance Smart Chain wallet!

See more

How to send your Presidents NFT’s to Metamask

Click on “See More”, to find a detailed description of how to send your President NFT’s to your Metamask wallet! Make sure to use Metamask on your mobile device!

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How to share your referral link?

To use the referral system, you have to connect your Metamask wallet to the website by clicking “connect Metamask”. Then go to your “Profile”. At the bottom of the page you will see your referral link. You can now share it with your referrals.

How to use referral link?

1. You have to enter the referral link, that was shared with you, above the “mint” button. Or you can enter the referral’s wallet address (…/nft/wallet)
2. Your referral has to go to the website via your referral link, connect to the website and click “mint”.

When is the Marketplace coming out?

The Presidents marketplace will launch after the first stage of the project, meaning once 20% of the collection is minted. This can be found in the roadmap on the home page. In the marketplace users will be able to buy, sell, and trade Presidents between each other. Make sure to follow us on our Telegram, Twitter and Discord channels (can be found below) to stay updated on latest marketplace launch news!