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War of Morale GameFi

Game play

To participate in the game, users will need to create a team of “allies” consisting of at least 3 President NFTs.

Each President has 4 main in-game skills
  • Attack (Level of attack)
  • Defence (Level of defence)
  • Diplomacy (Increases your chance of defence as the opponent can miss)
  • Luck (Striking your opponent through defence, stronger strike, and more)
All of these add up to become a President’s “Morale”, AKA, health.

A game between two people can begin if they have a similar level of Morale.

The ranking of Morale is as follows:
  • 100-300 | Morale
  • 300-1000 | Morale
  • 1000-3000 | Morale
  • 3000 - Unlimited

A player requests to begin a game and is matched with a worthy opponent. Once both players click “ready”, the game will start after 1 minute.

Each skill possessed by a President has a level.

How to play the game?

Once the game begins, Presidents chosen by the user will be placed in their specified order onto the shared battlefield. Next, users will need to choose what factor they will defend in their Presidents, as well as what factor they will attack on the opponents President.

There are 3 factors that can be defended and attacked
  • Economics
  • Public Health
  • Produce

Each round, users can choose only 1 factor that they want their President to defend and 1 factor to attack. Because there are 6 Presidents on the battlefield, there are 3 decisions needed to be made on the defense and 3 decisions on the attack.

Each strike impacts the Morale of the President. However, if the opponent guesses what you will attack correctly, the strike will not count. In some cases, the traits of the President can make them luckier.

If the President has no Morale left, they will not be able to attack their opponents Presidents.

End of the Game

The winner is determined by which players Presidents have the most Morale left or if all of the Morale of the opponent is empty.

For winning, the winner is rewarded with the exclusive governance token. The winner’s Presidents skill levels will also increase. The loser will deal damage to their Presidents overall skills.

Next, the Presidents will need some time to regenerate their Morale, before they can play again. Each President has a different regeneration time, ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours. This time can be fastened by giving the President “support”.

When is the game launching?

Release of the Play-2-Earn game “War of Morale” is planned after stage 5. More info you can find on the War of Morale GameFi tab