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What does “crosschain” mean?

The Crosschain is a unique smart contract that allows users to swap their President NFTs from one network to another. Hence allowing blockchains to communicate with each other directly.

The implementation of crosschains is mainly represented by asset exchanges and asset transfers, which is an important part of the blockchain world. With crosschain, the limitations of a single blockchain are circumvented.

How does it work?

What does “crosschain” mean?
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    Using a MetaMask wallet on the BSC network, a user mints a President NFT with BNB

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    Every minted President NFT can be transferred to another blockchain. To do this, the user chooses the desired President NFT for the crosschain and chooses the blockchain network to which he wants to change it. Currently a bridge between BSC - ETH is available

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    After selecting the network, the user needs to sign a transaction on MetaMask, giving the system access to the President NFT for the crosschain

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    Next, confirm the crosschain of the President NFT by signing the transaction

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    After a bit of magic, an identical President NFT appears in the network of your choice. The user simply has to click "Claim", which will send the President NFT to their wallet

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    For your security and our transparency, the contract publishes all records in a secure file on IPFS


What are the benefits for users?

Full control over gas

Full control over gas

The crosschain does not charge any commission for itself. The only payments are needed for the blockchain transaction process. The gas fees for this is low

Scalable Decentralization

Scalable Decentralization

Our decentralized solution can be installed on up to 200 nodes that make up the single decentralized network. Nodes will sign transactions, however, will not be rewarded for it



A unique feature allowing users to own their President NFT on their desired blockchain, with minimal gas fees. You can now list your President NFT on OpenSea

How is the development of your mainnet going?

We went through two phases of development, each containing the fundamental actions that create the foundation of the crosschain platform